22 September 2020

Competition in India

According to a 2018 news article, 8 lakh people applied for 9,000 vacancies for Police Constable job. For every spot, you have 87 people competing for it. This is not even the worse of the figures from the article.source towards the end

India main bohot competition hai. If you are not the best, you don't deserve anything in life.

When I visited India as a kid, I saw a 50-60 green colour autorickshaw outside of a petrol pump. The people I was with informed us about how a limited number of petrol pumps have a CNG station. That's why you need to get up early and be the first in line.

India main bohot competition hai. If you are not the first, you don't deserve anything in life.

I'm am tired of hearing this.

India doesn't have a competition. India has limited resources. India has a demand-supply issue. This is because of how we grow up. Sounds wild, but hear me out.

Our Childhood

How many time have you heard adults say to kids:

- Itne mahnat padhai may karte to kahan rehte?
(Imagine where you'd be had you worked this hard on studying)

- Tujhe janke kya karna hai?
(What would you do by knowing this?)

Most of us, consciously or unconsciously kill a child's curiosity and creativity.

Life is random. Real-life doesn't give you a questions paper. Instead, you are supposed to ask questions.

  • How do I take a loan?
  • Where do I pay Taxes?
  • Who should I vote?
  • How do I solve this problem?

Our Education

Our education system and society are at the centre of what path do we pave for our future.

Students are taught trained to answer questions. When a student asks a question, most of them get ignored or punished.

One incident I recall my years in engineering. During a math class, a classmate - who was an a-hole but bright student - used a different method and got in an argument with the professor.

The professor's method was longer than this a-hole's method, but both got the same result. The professor insisted on the class on their method. Our classmate resisted. "You guys either ask a-hole to leave, or I'll go straight to the dean's office".

The entire class took a-hole's side. (Who doesn't want to screw with the professor). The remaining time of class, the professor stood on the dais. A-hole stood next to their bench. The rest of the class sat there... chilling.

No disrespect to the Professor, but how are we suppose to evolve when we don't allow ourself to change?

The Alternative

So what's the alternative to fight with 87 other people for a job?

Creating jobs.

India's biggest curse is that we are all job-seekers

Taking pre-pandemic numbers, these are the few startups in the delivery business

  • Swiggy - 2,10,000
  • Zomato - 2,30,000
  • Flipkart - 1,00,000

That's the number of people who work as delivery personals in each of these companies. Actual money-paying jobs were created. We need more such ventures and startups which employ people. They do have their issues as well.

Those numbers are from top cities in India. A majority of the population of India is in Rural areas. there are so many business opportunities for anyone to try.

The fundamental issue with India is we don't train our kids to solve the problem. We care about monthly money in our account. I guess coming from British rule, that was the only thing we could have done.

But now times have changed. I think it's also time we change as well.

Source: Over 37 lakh apply for 12,000 Gujarat govt jobs