Growing On Twitter. Tips from the best

In 2022 Twitter very essential for online growth. But how do you grow a twitter account? These rules are followed by twitter influencers to grow organically

15 December 2021
Read time: 3 minutes

I met a personality yesterday and I learned how they grew their Twitter following.

In this post, I want to brain dump all the thoughts I had about the meeting. Most of these are questions and re-thoughts I have/had on growing a Twitter account.

One thing that I was certain about growing on social media is staying consistent. I learned this while growing my Instagram account to 10K followers. The same principle applies to Twitter as well.

There hasn't been a day when I haven't tweeted anything in the past year, they said.

Note... "they" is the personality I met. It's not a generalised "they". I'm trying to keep them as ambiguous as possible. Removing the person while showing only the personality.

This is going off-topic but... for me, a person is built up of many personalities. Some they show at work, some while playing with their kids and some with their close friend circle. This person's personality I am trying to showcase is the one who was consistent and knows how to grow on Twitter.

Anyone can adopt this personality.


For them Twitter is building up of two types of tweets which form a funnel with 5 steps:

  1. Substance Tweets, and
  2. Engagement Tweets.

Substance Tweets

The tweets you share with your original thoughts or ideas. These are your the tweets you see on your "profile" > "Tweets" section. Everything that you do that is not relying on other's tweets.

Your original tweets

Engagement Tweets

Your retweets, quote tweets and replies to tweets. These are categorised as engagement tweets.

As a general rule of thumb, you need to maintain a balance between both Substance tweets and Engagement tweets.

Starting out, naturally all your engagement tweets will get more engagement than your substance tweets. The reason for that is your engagement tweets are piggy back riding on reach of established account's tweets.

Overall Twitter growth funnel

And overall, your twitter growth funnel will look something like this.

From Creator POV
  1. Write tweets on your feed,
  2. Follow large accounts, and
  3. Interact with them by replying to their tweets.
From Audience POV
  1. They follow large accounts, and
  2. See interesting replies from you, and
  3. Interact with your tweet with likes, retweets, and
  4. Visit your profile to see your feed, and
  5. Find interesting Tweets, and
  6. Decide to follow you.

This is how you grow on Twitter organically.

The critical point of this funnel is you interact with large accounts with interesting replies. This is time-consuming. And few people can do this consistently for months on months.

Now the question on my mind is, how to find big accounts? I know the Twitter Search is an absolute beast of a search engine, but can it be used to find specific large accounts?

We don't want any large accounts, do we? We need large accounts in a specific niche. So the logic I see here is we need a niche audience. And they all follow a specific group of large accounts. How do we find these accounts?

For example, I want to create an audience of ADHD people around the world. They follow a few large ADHD based Twitter accounts. If I need them to follow me, I need to appear in their feed. For that, I need to find all the large accounts they follow.

How do I find them? I don't know.

So, so far, this all seems to be a very systematic process. And as a novice coder, I know that anything that is systematic can be automated with code. (yes I am a coder, read the domain name please :p).

More on that later.

All this just makes me wonder, the power of something small. As of now everyone wants to have a killer reach on Twitter. They are getting so much value out of it. I barely had 400 followers in the year 2020 and I was scoring around 100,000 impression every month. That was me working bare minimum. Tweeting every other day, being inconsistent.

The people who are tweeting daily are scoring in millions in impressions. This is where I go blank. What next? You have reach, that's cool. Now what?

I think that's what separate a regular person from an entrepreneur. Finding resources and allocating them to get maximum output.

The end I guess... I have to go self reflecting now. bye.