17 January 2021

Maher Calculator

Maher calculator. Enter the Gold rate, number of okhiye, and hit enter.

What is Maher?

Maher is the amount of money, interms of gold, promised to Bride from Groom. Different countries and cultures have different ways to calculate Maher.
In this calculator we measure Maher in terms of Okhiye.

What is Okhiye?

Okhiye is a measuring unit for weight. In terms of modern units, 1 Okhiye is 11 Tola.
1 Okhiye = 11 Tola.
1 Tola = 11.6638125 grams.
1 Okhiye = 128.3 Grams.

How is this calculated?

Maher = gold rate (per 10 grams) x okhiye x 11 x 11.6638125 / 10

  • okhiye x 11 -> converting okhiye into tola
  • okhiye x 11 x 11.6638125 -> converting tola into grams
  • okhiye x 11 x 11.6638125 / 10 -> converting grams into 10 grams, because the gold rate is for each 10/grams


Gold rate last updated: 18th January 2021. Feel free to change the gold rate



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