18 September 2020

Creating Micro Wealth

Like everyone, I have read the infamous tweetstorm by Naval Ravikant. In case you haven't, I insist you read it. You can find it towards the end of this blog post.

Wealth is something that creates money for you without asking for your time. My inability to create value has always bothered me.

I have the skill to make a website which provides value to a niche. But for some reason, I can't find a way to make it.

I intend to cross this hurdle. I want myself to do this very desperately. But what comes after this hurdle? If you ask my longterm plans, I'd say I want to work on something huge after establishing something small.

Yes. I want to work on something big AFTER I have built something small.

Let me explain. I have a list of people who have made something huge. The size of which impacts humanity.

  • Elon Musk with Tesla, SpaceX and other
  • Bill Gates with Microsoft
  • Taylor Swift with her Songs. fav song
  • Mark Zukerberg with Facebook
  • Robin Williams with his Improvisational Acts
  • Ed Sheeran with his magical lyrics
  • Jeff Bezos with Amazon
  • Warren Buffett with Value Investing
  • Steph Curry with his Three-Point Shoots
  • (add more people here)

These people have worked hard to be where they are. But there's one thing common with all of these people.

Rich Parents. Wealthy Childhood

Before you tweet at me with your offending words, let me clarify. I am not implying they bought their way into success. No. Quite the opposite.

With their parent's wealth, they had an unfair advantage. Sure. It's safe to assume their parent's wealth have made tough decisions a little bit easier.

But it's not what you think. I am not saying they used the money to get their foot in the door. I am pointing out there's something else that made them who they are today.

A Wealth Mindset

Kunal Shah has a tweetstorm where he compares wealth-driven societies with status-driven societies. I come from a status-driven family. We pride ourself with what status we hold.*Scroll down for a story.

Work hard enough, and you will achieve wealth. Even if you can are from a status-driven society. But when you are from wealth driven society, your reach there... faster (?)

That's what I want to achieve.

Tiny wealth. and while I pursue this, I will learn about wealth driven societies. I have to unlearn. And then when I become from a wealth driven society, I will start doing what I want to do.

The Shoe Story

Let me tell you a story. I needed new shoes for school. I remember this would happen almost every year. We'd go to a local shoe shop, and my parents would ask for a pair of shoes at the best price.

Run a complicated justification in their mind and buy the cheapest.

As a stupid kid, I used to play in school and run around without removing my formal shoes. Ruining them in 3-4 months. "You have to take care of your things. It's not even a single school term, and we have to buy new shoes for you". I'd heard this every year.

We'd end up spending more money on cheap shoes than what an expensive pair would have cost. With no fault of my parents. We'd buy cheap things, and think we saved money. Why would anyone buy expensive stuff? It doesn't make any sense. Why buy an expensive shoe when you can buy a cheap pair 6 times.

Read Tweetstorm by Naval Ravikant