8 October 2020

Bad Boy Billionaires

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I don't watch documentaries. After watching BBB, I am asking myself, why I don't watch more documentaries. I should keep find more such entertaining and educating content out there.

BBB goes through 3 episodes. I wish there were more. And I must say, with so many people in India, I'm sure we can find more stories to tell.

Kudos to Netflix India to greenlit this project

In some words, It's like the Indian public has spent lakhs of crores rupees to finance this series.

Had Vijaya Malia not started an airline company, he's still the king of good times. Sure he'd still be scrape goat for some politicians. Because of the nature of his business and general people's notion of drinking alcohol.

The people who were behind them were not justifying their actions. Rather the intentions behind those actions, which resulted in begin labelled as a crime.

  • Vijay Mallya was a playboy who was too stubborn.
  • Nirav Modi was bound to fail.
  • Subrata Roy had God Complex.

Now they are crimes, in more than one way. Because the government agencies had to intervene to bail them out using people's money. In a country like India, that money was better served elsewhere.

I don't think I can find myself in their shoes. So everything you read in this article is my perspective. I am trying to as less judgemental as possible.

When the exception of Subrata Roy, Vijay and Nirav came from wealth. The type of childhood nurturing they got is very unique.

I started thinking after watching the documentary. Tweeting this later the day.

These are the small thing which brought down these titans. Bad loans. Retirement. SEBI.

Everything started falling like a house of cards after Banks started asking for the loan repayment. A regular POS at bank retired. SEBI started looking at their numbers.

After this happened, it was nothing but a downfall for these people. But get this, these are not the reason their downfall. These are the straw that broke the camel's back.

They went down because they didn't couldn't help but hide their personality.

  1. Vijay Mallya is stubborn.
  2. Nirav Modi is an attention seeker.
  3. Subrata Roy had God Complex.

This, is what acted as a catalyst and end their career.