Mindset problem in Hyderabad Old City


28 November 2021
Read time: About 2 minutes

I live near Purani Haveli. When we have a Nahari or Khorma gravy, I buy Naan from a shop in Purani Haveli

There's a lane where you can find dozen's of shops selling Naan. if you don't know what Naan is, it's made in tandoori, you know what, a video will explain it better than I can.

Of the dozens shop there, you know how many of them offer a unique naan? None. Not that any I found of. Every shop sell the same thing. No variation in shape, design or toppings. Nothing. Atleast to the best of my finding.

The only vendor who's proud of their existence is a shop called "Munshi Naan". They've been around since 1851. So 170 year old. Their product is superior. No doubt about that. It's tastier, softer, and costlier. Everyone charges 10 rupees per piece, Munshi charges 15 rupees. 50% premium. And people buy from them. They love it.

Now I'm a guy sitting in his room typing what ever comes to my mind. I have no idea what the actual operation looks like runing one of these ships. But I have my thoughts.

I don't want to only point out the negatives. I understand that this street give jobs to dozens of people and 100s of families get their food the table.

Economically it works.

But by not innovating they are letting so much upside potential. Every thing compounds. And I believe a community which innovates compounds much faster and much higher.

How come no one has up with a unique product in the street? No one offers Kalonji Naan, Pizza Naan, or Tandoori Roti.

Types of Naans described.

Kalonji Naan

Kalonji is a seed. Usually they sprinkle it over the naan. And It enhances the taste of the naan.

Pizza Naan

A regular naan is square in shape, and about the size of your hand. Pizza Naan is the shape of a pizza, circle. Size of a medium pizza. Compared to regular naan, Pizza naan is more thicker and softer. Or atleast the one I had while I was managing BTS of cousin's wedding.I'm not sure why this is not available in retail.

Tandoori Roti

Do have any idea how many Shawarma and Mandi shops are opening in hyderabad. I'd say it's every 3rd. Why? Because Hyderabad has a huge population which came back from Middle easy. Shawarma and Mandi are their staple food. You know what else is EXTREMELY common in middle east? TANDOORI NAAN!!!.

Why hasn't any one on Purani Haveli picked up on that? Not only B2C, you can also start a B2B supply with this tandoori Naan. All you need is a contract with few restaurants. But I haven't seen any of this happening.

Purani Haveli street vendors are happy selling the same thing. Who needs improvements and changes? Not them.

Why do we hyderabadi lack innovative thinking. Is it only the businesses? Or does the public also doesn't want new things?

I hope we are innovate more.