18 November 2020
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What is belief? Is it only Associated with religion? What about New York? Parents? Love? Is Belief necessary?

The system of belief. Most religion works based on belief. One of the duties as a Muslim is to believe in Allah, Allah's prophets and Angels. Even though most Muslims will never see them. We are asked to believe in them. And I certainly a huge number of people do. We believe.

It's the same for other religions I suppose. But I am not educated in this subject to say anything further.

These are just my views and what I have observed out in the world.

To the core, it's the belief. Willingness to acknowledge the existence of something larger than themselves.


Ok, so while writing this, I kept on making mistake between Believe and belief. I just looked up the differences.

  • Belief is religious faith or the feeling of being certain that something is true
  • Believe means to have confidence in the truth.

But it not only religion that works on belief. It's also organisations, businesses, Cities, Countries.

Belief in New York City

People of New York Are so passionate about their city. IT's their belief in the city which is larger than any one of them. How many movies have shows this? How many songs have been sung about this City? Just check out this Wikipedia page for songs about Newyork. The size of this list is sheer amazing.

The love for this city is endless. Could this belief be the reason for the high energy of the city? Everyone who's been part of that crowd will tell you there's no city like New York. Or as Michael Scott said it "City so great, they named it twice".

I have never been to Newyork But I can bet it feels ecstatic.

Belief of Parents

We have seen time and time again parent's turn into superhumans especially when their kid is in danger. I believe it's the belief of their kid, being the most precious being in the universe.

I mean just checkout MomReflexes and DadReflexes. Some amazing footages.

I think it's the hope in people that makes them in this. Many business people start businesses because they want to create something which will outlive our tiny human life span. Everyone wants to be part of something which will outlive them.

Pale Blue Dot

Oddly enough this reminds me of the Pale Blue Dot image, and those few immortal Carl Sagen words. In the vastness of the ever-expanding universe, we are nothing but a speck of dust, suspended in the air. Within a blink of an eye, we will be forgotten.

Believe Makes people be better. It forces people to cross the limit they set for themselves. Than their

When people believing in something bigger than themselves... miracles follow.