Bought a domain but too lazy to build the idea?

A domain hosting service which helps you get the Email Collecting MVP out there, as soon as possible. Developed for Developer.

5 Feburary 2021

You are not lazy? you are occupied with other work.


What if there was someone else who was interested in your idea?

  1. Someone who will use it?
  2. Someone with money to seed fund your idea?
  3. Someone with technical skills to turn an idea into code?
  4. Someone with connections to set everything up?

Turn your impulse-purchase domain into Startup deck.

How is this different from carrd?

Carrd is a landing page platform. This is a domain hosting platform.

I want to integrate a landing page and domain renewal process. So my revenue source is developers who buy dozens of domains every year.

This is crucial, because at the end of the year, instead of saying:

Your domain is expiring, click here to renew for $9

I'm gonna say

Your Domain with 43,029 visits/year is expiring. Click here to renew for $12 or Auction

The ideal customer will have 3+ domains. So the dashboard will show Three variables.

  • Website visits/month.
  • Expires in 218 days.
  • Domain name.

What's the problem?


How to build this

Since this is very niche of developers, everything has to be build around them.

Out in 12 seconds

Developers think 12 seconds before buying a domain. That's the easy part. But developing website? that difficult. Making website should take nothing more than 12 seconds

In the shell

Developer live in the shell. So through Shell developers can:

  1. buy a domain
  2. select template
  3. write Content like, h1, h2
  4. enter/edit list of USP
  5. view meta tags


Websites are hosted at Netlify. It's easy to setup, and developers love it.

Target Audience