19 October 2020

Caroline Konstnar

Read time: About 1 minute, or an average Caroline Konstnar song

Today while browsing Youtube, this video dropped in my recommendation. This woman blows my mind.

In the video, she talks about different artists. All the famous ones at least.

Video's best words:

Art, It is pointless, but not valueless.

Damn. That so true.

The video is light-hearted for the most of it. Start with witty oneliners for each artist she list. Later she starts drawing parallels of the past with the world we live today. You can see the genius in her, within this brief segment. She uses complex and clinical terms to define human behaviour.

The best part is she designed the video to make sure you pay attention to her core message.

  • The background music goes down when things are serious
  • she is quick to say her message.
  • She sandwiches her message with jokes in the beginning and the end.

You could tell she went over multiple iterations to communicate a complex thought using simple words.

The video as brilliant

Then I saw her Insta. Man, she is more creative than what meets to the eye. She has a style which she uses on every video she makes. And to say the least, her art is weird. She has a unique voice. Everything I admire in an artist!

She has different techniques and uses it to deliver her message.

Instantly she is going on the list of my favourite artist.

I should maintain a list for this.