12 October 2020

Coco Loving Vincent

Read time: About 1 minutes 20 seconds

Coco and Loving Vincent are two of my favourite animated movies. I didn't have the change to see them when they realised. But thanks to streaming I have seen both of them recently. a few time times.

Both movies have something unique about them. They are very special in their message and the tone of the movies. Of everything common between them, there's one thing that is more interesting to me:

They were both nominated for 2018 Academy Awards nominated.

I often tend to ignore who wins these awards. Or so I did back in the day.

Today, I want to talk a little about these movies!

Coco is a movie which follows a Mexican tradition of death. One I was not aware of, but am glad I learned about. It's almost as if the movie was made for me. A person who doesn't know about Mexican culture, but was interested in learning about it.

The movie is emotional, funny, betrayal, and (the best part) has original songs. Yes I know it's hypocritical of me to hate Bollywood movies with songs and love with others do it. Meh. It is what it is. I liked the songs from this movie.

Loving Vincent follows the journey of Armand Roulin son of Postmaster Joseph Roulin. The movie is set a year after Vincent Van Gogh's suicide. Joseph asks his son, Armand, to deliver Vincent's final letter to Theo, his brother who had died 6 months ago. The cause of which (according to Wikipedia) 'was listed as dementia paralytica caused by "heredity, chronic disease, overwork, sadness"'.

ref: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theo_van_Gogh_(art_dealer)

Frankly, I can talk for days about Vincent's work and his background story.

Coming back to the movie. Loving Vincent was the first movie whos each frame was oil painted.

Painted by hand!.

It's lovely and beautiful to watch.

I remember watching Coco. It's a heck of a movie. Deserved this win. On the same page, you have #LovingVincent. Both are some of my favourite animated movies.

If you ever wanted to watch an animated movie, please consider these two in your list.

I can't pick one.

Quick question. Why was Boss Baby nominated?