Content Creator Kit DTC Brand

India has seen an explosion of content creator. There is gap for a Direct to consumer Brand here.

15 February 2021
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With tiktok becoming popular, 2019 saw a new craze among youngesters on India. Creating Content. Everyone has a stage, and everyone has a voice.

I think this presents a market for a strong brand for which can sell budget Content creators kit.

People would want to buy a lot of things. But I believe to up the production quality, all you needs are three things.

  1. Portable Green Screen,
  2. Tripod Stand, and
  3. Microphone.

Lighting can be an issue, but creators create brighter videos by recording in day time. However, Greenscreen, a tripod stand and a microphone can considerably improve the quality of a video.

Creating a Kit

I feel the urge to create a kit with these thing, and making a website for them. Drive traffic thorgh SEO and social media posts. take the links to flipkart and Amazon. This can create a referal income for me.

However, I want to be big. I want to be the seller on amazon, who ships high quality equipments.

Market Segments

these are a few kits I have come up with a few ideas.

Starting out, you don't need tools to create content. Mostly your focus should be on reaching goal of first 100 consistent pieces of content. But if you want to invest in an instrument, I'd suggest a tripod, and that it.

Because the goal is not to spend money. The goal is to create a habit of creating content. once you are past the 100 day consistency, you can invest in more advanced tools.

  • Beginner Content Creator
    1. a tripod stand
  • Makeup Content Creator Kit
    1. a tripod stand,
    2. a microphone and
    3. a background painting,
  • Funny Skit Content Creator Kit
    1. a tripod stand,
    2. a microphone and
    3. a flexible greenscreen
  • Artist (painter, sand artist, etc)
    1. 3 point light,
    2. a microphone for background narration
    3. a tripod stand
  • Biker Vlogger
    1. Helmet mount camera holder
    2. microphone

And more ideas to come

How to begin

I will have to think over this idea. Should this be persued, and if so, why me?. I strongly believe in founder-startup-fit. If I don't care about the customers enough, this idea is better with some other founder.

With that being said, India needs 10-20 strong brand in this region. The potential is high.

If you are interested, let's have a zoom chat.