16 October 2020

Curious Case of Minimalism

Read time: 1 minutes 53 Seconds, or as long as Alpaslan DurmuĊŸ from Turkey can hold a vocal note.

For those that appreciate simplicity in any form

That is the definition you'll find at the r/minimalism. I won't say I am a regular contributor to the subreddit but enjoy what they talk about.

My Impression of Minimalism

When you hear people say they are minimalist, you imagine a simple bed in an empty room. Uni-color clothes in the closet. A single pair of shoes. #Minimalism feed on Instagram is full of similar images. But that's the tip of the iceberg. Being minimalistic is not about more physical space, but mental space.

The essence of minimalism is in the mind. When you buy something, along with ownership you also inherit its responsibilities.

  • More shoes mean more time to keep them clean.
  • More clothes mean more care while washing them.
  • More electronics means more time to charge them.

These are just one responsibility you inherit. Everything brings in dozens of new responsibilities. The amount of things we hoard in our privileged homes fills up our time so much, we don't have time to enjoy what we have.

Minimalism is not about having fewer things. It's about having fewer things to worry about.

When you have fewer things to take care of, it lifts off a lot of weight from your shoulders. Being minimalistic gives you more:

  • money to invest in the future,
  • energy to improve in your job,
  • mental stamina to work on yourself, and
  • time to spend with family.

Are You A Minimalist?

Some people are not minimalist because they have a lot of physical possession. Some of these people are minimalistic, but they don't know it yet. These are a few signs which indicate "Low battery". All their brainpower is spent in taking care of things they didn't need. These are the habits of such people.

  • Not taking care of things they own.
  • Not having money to spend on basic needs.
  • Not enough energy to complete minor responsibilities.

Why do some find themselves unable to work on a table filled with random things? Because they know they have a responsibility to take care of all those things. This subconscious awareness eats up your energy.

These people will thrive when they are minimalist. After a quick uncomfortable change period of course.

Favourite Minimalistic Content Creators

I don't want to end this article without suggesting a content creator. Meet Lefie. She is a minimalist who lived in a van for about a year. Her content is about her minimalistic lifestyle. Her video-making game is strong, which adds to the entertaining factor of everything she makes.

This one, in particular, is my favourite piece from her.

Some day I want to make a video as entertaining as this.

Till next time. *Chuck*