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Write daily by writing whenever you have a thought.

19 February 2021
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Ever want to write blogs daily? But you don't get time?

I want to write daily but the thing is, I am busy. Frankly I am either (actually) work or I'm procrastinating. Between these when I get an Idea to write, it's an hassle.
Yes. I am too lazy to open my blog editor, copy blog template, update homepage and otehr SEO related details in other files.
So when I get an Idea, I end up not writing it because im too lazy do all these things. I felt the same way when I was using a blog editor.
All I wanna do is be consistent in writing my blogs. I don't want to think about it.

How about this?

A chrome extension which will be there for you all the day. Just click on the extension button and write your thoughts. No minimum word requrement, no maximum words limit.

Just write

At the end of the day, it will auto-publish saved thoughts as a blog post with time stanps and everything.

Output options.

It will have the options to auto publish to multiple sources. Something like these.

  • Save as custom HTML (add your own template)
  • Publish to Wordpress
  • Publish on Ghost
  • Export to Roam Research
  • Save to Notion pagesLive upstream and downstream