27 September 2020

Enjoying Paintings

Read time: About 3 minutes, or an average Ed Sheeran song

My first "job" job was as a social media marketer for an art based e-commerce startup. I wouldn't say I was their best hire. Because I couldn't contribute as much as I could. But I did end up learning something.

I started enjoying art. Paintings, to be specific.

Before working for that startup I wasn't a big fan of art. I never had an interest. I know what they were. I know a few art pieces like Mona Lisa, Girl with a pearl earring, The Starry Night, and a couple more. Never had the urge to go out of my way to find more.

But it all changed after working with them.

I noticed myself going out of the way to find a new artist I'd like. Subscribed to Art related subreddits and found a couple of amazing artists, which I liked. More emphasis on the words "I liked".

Art is subjective, and it's completely fine to have different views on what is an art and what is not.

Let me show you two of my favourite art pieces.

Returning home by Alex Venezia

Alex is a US-based artist, very close to my age. Self-taught, he found his niche is photo-realistic sentimental paintings. I find the painting titled "returning home" the best.

Pieces like Uncertain, Sketching and Repose are better and impressive works by Venezia. But Returning home has a special place for me. The sentiments this painting captures exceed any other works.

We see different things. Here's what I see. A young couple grieving the loss of someone close. They are returning home, from a funeral.

Venezia's website: alexvenezia.com

note: Most of Venezia's work has a hint of Edward hooper's work.

Can you hear me? by Ramandip Singh

Raman is living in Canada, but have his roots in Punjab. A year ago he painted this and share it on pics subreddit. It exploded. I think it was sold out within minutes of posting.

One of the top comment says this, and I resonate with it.

Your painting symbolizes helping someone through a hard time in their life to me. Being there for someone through death, heartbreak, depression, or whatever tragedies life brings our way. The person holding the light is their ray of hope.

Singh's website: artoframan.com

How Much I Like Them

Both of these paintings are amazing. If I have the resources in the future, be certain, I'll be buying a piece (or 5) from these artists.

Sometimes I feel sad that I might never be able to own them. Even If I had the resources, someone already has them. If I were them, I wouldn't give it up. Neither should they.

Art is Expensive

When people think of art, they consider it to be an expensive hobby that rich people sprung money into. Lakhs of rupees are spent on a painting by someone famous.

The pieces you find in museums are expensive. True. But Art is not limited to the rich. Everyone has access to art. You won't believe but there's an artist in your city who has the potential to be the next Picasso. All they have to do is work on one piece of work daily.

There's art everywhere, and you'll find art at every price point. The world is unfair and skewed. Millions of dollars are spent on work by the best and famous artists. Peanuts and nickles are what the best and unknown artist get for their art.

So please understand that not all amazing artworks are in the museums. Some are lying in a storage unit, never to seen by anyone.

Find such artist, and support them by paying well for their art.

The artist I mentioned here, Alex Venezia & Ramandip Singh, I hope their art show up in a museum near you.

More than that, being the selfish person that I am, I wish to own and hang one of their work in my home.

It's been a while since I have come across any Artist or a piece of work that talked to me. I am always on a lookout for such things. So should you.

Art is personal, subjective, for everyone, and can define who we are on the inside.