Is Expensive Stuff Worth it?

Are expensive items better than cheaper item? Humans associate value with Cost.

26 November 2021
Read time: About 1 minute 30 seconds, or an 10th of Taylor Swift's All too well [long version]

Growing up we lived next to a sandwich shop. It was one block away, a 5-minute walk.

I'd go with my father and watch him order. He's always ordered the same thing. Five of 2 riyals Tamiya. It's like Shawarma but instead of meat, it's filled with deep-fried Falafel. In it, they'd add french fries, and chopped lettuce, 3-4 types of sauces. It was my absolute favourite. If you still can't picture it, think Subway, but local! .

As I grow up, I'd visit the shop without my father, and order the same item. One day when I was 13 or so, I noticed the menu board. They had ten items, price going up from left to right. Our usual order was third from left.

I asked the shopkeeper "what's that fifth item on your menu?"

The shopkeeper replied, "It's the same as your always order. It costs 2 riyals more and you get more french fries and Falafel stuffings". After making sure I had enough money, I got the bigger sandwich.

The bigger size of the food I like to eat? Yes, please.

The next time I visited, I asked him "what's that item on the rightmost?" to which he replied, "It's the same as your usual order, but instead of Falafel, this one has chicken nuggets".

Before this, I've never had a chicken nuggets sandwich. But in my mind I know this was going to be the tastiest thing in this shop. Ordering something this expensive was out of the question. But I wanted it.

I settled for the usual order. It had the same ingredients and condiments. But this time it wasn't as tasty as it used to be. Something was different.

What changed was my mindset. Earlier I enjoyed my usual order. But now that I've seen there's something better out there, my perspective changed. The crazy part is. I didn't even have the chicken nugget sandwich. All I know is there exists an expensive item at the place I enjoy eating sandwiches.

The crazier part is when I finally had the money to buy the chicken nuggets sandwich, it wasn't as good. I ruined the taste of something I was fond of. Only because I thought "higher the cost better the taste".