7 October 2020

Ironing The Day's Schedule

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This one is a small one. I am losing the grip to write these. Need to make accomodations on my calendar to write these early in the morning. Tired of writing these in night. Like this article.

Last month I experimented and wrote about having an anchor event in the morning. As a result, my days were more productive!

I try to learn something new every day. A few days after writing that article, my days slowly changed. Something was different.

On the bright side, I was self-aware and had more free time for buying groceries! Life was great.

But on the darker side, my mornings were starting to cramp up. I'd find myself confused and distracted by work. It didn't make any sense.

"Too many tasks in the morning" was a new issue that I had to solve. Some days it was barely an inconvenience when I could power through everything. But most of the days, I couldn't power through.

Just an FYI, "Powering through" shouldn't be a regular option. It's more of a once in a while kinda thing. Every day should be calm and peaceful. That's the reason I started using calendars, added anchor events.

How am I going to overcome this?

My Solution

I am going to continue with having Anchor Events. But will be planning non-sequential anchor event's throughout the week's plan. It means a few things.

  • I'll be planning the entire week on Mondays.
  • I am going to set a few goals for the week.

Changes to schedule

  1. Morning Hours Uptill 9 AM there can only be one block per hour.
  2. Post 9 AM, the workday starts.
  3. Give plenty of time for each event.
  4. Some calls require a follow-up by sending a document or file. That's why schedule phone calls an hour before lunch.

Side note

Since I am writing daily here, I should maybe restart writing on Quora.

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