Kya Pakana hai

Track your food and create a weekly ration. Suitable for health concious working-couples and lazy-ass bachelors, or the other way round.

13 February 2021
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My mom just asked me. Aaj Kya pakana hai. Oh God, this happens daily. We sit and talk, just to disperse after a few hours, without finding the answer to aaj kya pakana hai. Well I want to solve this, once and for all.

This app will let you create a log of what you ate. And using your history of eating, it'll find ways to accelerate cooking process. Mostly by utilising Half-cooked process.

Who is this for?

This is targeted for people who are busy.

  • Newly wed couple who have weekends together
  • Live in couples who are learning how to cook
  • Working woman (with kids) who works 8 days a week
  • Bachelor roommates on budget, but 1 roommate who cooks

How the Idea works

This is aimed for people who wants to cook their food, but don't have time everyday.

  1. Track what you ate, using this link Link available soon.
  2. Using your eating history, generate weekly calendar
  3. Send weekly calendar to your email with details like:
    1. Day-to-day food schedule.

Starting out

Make a habit of preparing food in advance.

The most time consuming process of cooking is preparing the food to be cooked. THe cooking process is pretty effieient.

My suggestion is to buy these containers


Starting out, ₹350/month.

  • Unlimited food tracking
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner planner for entire week
  • Unlimited Recipe with instructions
  • More coming soon

Join the waiting list

Limited users for alpha version of Kya Pakana hai.

Things to figure out

I want to keep this service for a very select type of people. My end goal with this is to help people cook their food, without spending too much time thinking about cooking.

I am my customer. And if you are like me, we are my customer.

  1. We care about environment
  2. We love to eat delicions food.
  3. We don't mind trying new things, if I don't have to more time or more money to cook it.
  4. We can go out shopping. But not more than once a week.

If you are interested, let's have a zoom chat.