Malayalam Cinema is growing Faster than Bollywood

Why Malayalam Cinema Industry is growing Faster than Hindi Movie cinema? I think it’s because of their different approach to optimise same metrics: Revenue

19 December 2021
Read time: 2 minutes

an hour ago I finished watching the Malayalam movie Kurup. It was a good complex movie. Something I rarely enjoy in Indian movies. The movie is well written, the music is well placed and some cinematic scenes were beautiful to watch.

But my mind has been roaming around why did the Malayalam cinema evolve faster than the Hindi cinema?

Now I don't know much about any movie industry. But This is what I have seen and I want to share this view on my blog.

I think both cinema industries are growing... driven by different data set. See Hindi Cinema saw the box office collection growing year on year. Now their eye is set on expanding to more population of India.

Before I present more of my points, I don't mean to say that Malayalam cinema is not driven by revenue number. Revenue is the bloodline of any business industry. But as a long term business, revenue growth is never your goal. It's usually customer satisfaction. Because only then can the customer stick with us for longer, and hence expanding their LTV.

So what's happening in Hindi Cinema? Chasing box office numbers. And everyone is doing what they can to increase the Target audience. Sharukh Khan is expanding into south India. Chennai Express and Ra.ONE had character-based in Chennai. As if to expand into Tamil speaking demographic.

  1. How many movies are releasing with mainstream actors playing a Sikh character?
  2. Salman Khan was touring Riyadh with Shilpa Shitty and other stars.
  3. Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone were in Jeddah, Dubai Promoting their Movie "83".

What I'm trying to say is, they are expanding their TG. Because that's the number they are chasing.

The Malayalam Cinema industry is different. They know their audience is limited. Not many people outside the state of Kerala speak Malayalam. Now how do you increase revenue from a limited group of users? you improve your product. Give better and better reason to watch their movie. And hence, Improvement in scriptwriting, music score, screenplay and everything. With each movie better than the last, the industry, on the whole, is improving.

I could be wrong. Maybe filmmakers in Kerala has better taste in movies than filmmakers in the rest of India.

All being said, it can't be denied that movies from Malayalam cinema are now far better than movies from Hindi Cinema.

What do you think?