14 October 2020

Marag Recipe

Read time: About 1 minutes 41 seconds, or the time it'll take your roast, grind Almonds and Cashews

Marag is a dish like Paya but without the heavy spicy herbs. If you don't know what Paya is, imagine Marag but with spicy herbs.


  1. Mutton 2kg. Medium size. With bone.
  2. Almonds, handful
  3. Cashew, handful
  4. Onion, diced, 3 medium size
  5. Garlic Ginger paste

Cook Mutton

To cook mutton, we are going to take a pressure cooker, and add the following things into it.

  1. 2 KG Mutton
  2. Black pepper balls, 4-5
  3. Cinnamon stick, size of your finger,
  4. Long pepper, 3-4 pieces,
  5. Cardamom, 1-3 pieces,
  6. Garlic and Ginger paste 2-3 spoonful. Depends on the quality of mutton
  7. Edible oil, 1-2 ladle spoon.

With all this in the cooker add 2-3 glasses of water, and close the cooker. Wait for about 10-15 whistles.

The idea is, mutton should get tender enough to be squished with your index and thumb.

In the time it takes for mutton to get ready, you can complete the following tasks.


Get the onions chopped and diced. Takeout a deep-fryer and cook the onion turn light-ish golden.

NOTE: The final colour of Marag is supposed to be off white. This colour is decided by how much you fry your onions. So make sure you don't fry it too much

Take out your onions from the deep-fryer and let them dry. Once they are easy to cool, put the entirety of your fried onions, and grind them.

This should result in a thick creamy paste. If your paste is not uniform, add a few tablespoons of water.

Almonds and Cashew

Roast your almonds and Cashews, and grind them in a dry grinder into a fine powder.

Bring it all together

Note: Begin this after the mutton is complete

Take out a large size Tope and heat it on the big stove. Add 1 ladleful edible oil along with the onion paste. Allow the onion paste to sizzle and add the fine powder of roasted Almond and Cashew. Mix well while this cooks under medium-to-high heat.

Grab a large ladle to transfer the mutton's soup from the cooker, into the big Tope. Make sure to not add mutton yet.

While the Tope cooks all the ingredients, layout all contents of the cooker. take a spoon for tweezers and pick out big pieces of herbs:

  • Black pepper balls
  • Cinnamon stick
  • Long pepper
  • Cardamom

After the Tope starts bubbling, lower the heat and transfer mutton pieces to the Tope.

Complete. Consume!

Your Marag will be ready when oil starts floating on top.

Marag tastes better with Naan bread. The thicker and the softer, the better.