5 October 2020

Meeting people online

Read time: About 2 minutes and 30 Second, or as long as Art Is Dead by Bo Burnham

Last week I attended the first online PyCon India. I missed most of it since I was busy, and joined post-lunch on day 2. The best part of the day was meeting people. I enjoy talking with people online.

If you don't know what it is. PyCon India (Python Conference India) it is a conference for people who use Python. I've always wanted to attend the event because Python is the only language I know a little about.

One of the best parts of having an active Instagram account is the DMs you get. Some people are very spammy about their messages and are too sale-sy. They consider online chat as "not real". I tend to talk to them so I can get to know them.

Well, It is one of the most harmful and vile parts as well. Spam and fowl messages sent by stupid people can affect your mental health. (Instagram need to improve their spam detection algorithm).

Talking to People Gives You More Value Than Reading About People

Towards the end of the day, the few people I end up talking are always a delight.

Through the two years, of growing my Instagram, I have chatted with hundreds and had a call with a couple of dozen people. I have learned every person has their own story to tell.

Each Story Gives You A New Perspective To Consider

When I am on calls with people, my default used to be aligning them with my experiences. Soon I realised that I was wrong to do so. Every person I talk to has a different perspective to share. Somethings that worked for my might not work for them.

At this point, I found myself lost and unable to come to a decision. I end up learning something and suggesting to keep trying new and different things.

Talking To People Is Like Looking Into The Mirror

A few weeks ago, I talked to a business owner. After hearing their complete backstory, they told me about the decline in their revenue. As a result, they are planning to end the business and get a job.

They were doubting themselves and were unable to see the various systems they've built while running their business. When I pointed out my perspective, they were shocked about how they were not able to see it.

Turning the tables, I started questioning if I fail to see the value in myself and everything I have build. Many times we are blind-sighted to the most obvious solution.

And It has happened a lot of times.

Most of Us Fail to See The Power of Small Wins

Living mundane life, we neglect to document the tiny wins and victories we see every day. We cast them away because the last time we looked, it was something small. No one gives Ted talks about their small wins.

When Compounded, these small wins grow into massive achievements. Self-reflection is essential for this reason.

Conclusion && Major Takeaways:

  • Most of our problems are the same.
  • We need to have a better view of self-worth.
  • People feel lighter when someone to listens to them.

Have a Meaningful Conversation With 10 People. October 2020 Goal

In July I started opening 30 minutes slots on Sunday for people to talk to me. I'd say it was a success, but I need to make it more systematic.

If I am going to keep up with my goal of talking to 10 people, I have to create a system.