6 November 2020

Why I Haven't Been Writing

Read time: About 1 minutes, or about 56 seconds

I haven't written anything here for almost a week now. I spend a lot of time today trying to find a reason for this. I believe I know the reason for not writing anything lately.

I haven't been reading anything.

Throughout September and October, I was constantly reasons. And as a result, that's when I was pumping out daily content.

Somedays I'd even write multiple articles.

Last week I bought a few books, that I am dying to read. But somehow I find no interest in reading anything.

So... I Need A Plan

Pick a book and try to finish it within a month. These are the books in my library right now.


  1. Doing Content Right by Steph Smith
  2. Remote by DHH and Jason Fried
  3. Zero to sold by Arvid Kahl
  4. Obviously Awesome by April Dunford
  5. Fast, Cheap and Viral Content by Aashish Chopra
  6. Start Small, Stay Small by Rob Walling


  1. The Psychology of Selling by Brian Tracy
  2. Alchemy by Rory Sutherland
  3. The Warren Buffett Way by Robert Handstone

And I still have 6 credits. A lot to listen to.

How Do I Find Time?

I usually am not free enough to read a book peacefully for more than 10 minutes. My mind can easily get distracted by anything.

How will I be able to find time to read. I have already allocated most my of time from Instagram to my Job.