Alex Venezia, Professional Oil Portraits Painter.

1993 born artist from United States. Alex's speciality is emotional realistic-surrealistic paintings which captures every feelings for millions of people to witness

1 December 2021
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1993 born Artist from United States.

For some reason, Alex's painting remind me of Taylor swift's Folklore songs. It's like they both work together.

Both pieces of art try to capture emotion in life. Immortalise a feeling for millions of people to experience.

Alex's paintings are realistic, but a very subtle hint of other worldliness. When you look at one his paintings, you know it's a painting. It's realistic enough to look lifelike, yet surrealistic enough to look like a painting. If you ask me, that's where his paintings lie. A gray area between Realistic and Surrealistic.

As I explore his piece I forget the real-or-surreal question. I find myself now trying to read the subject of his art. All his work has a strong emotional bond. Every painting has a feeling waiting for you. His art works want you to hunt and discover this feeling. Sometime feelings are so immense I find myself crying when I discover it (refer: Returning Home below).

While I write this, Alex is closing up his NYC solo Exhibition. Leading up to this, he put out a lot of new and interesting artworks. If you get time, do check them out on his website or Instagram.

Returning Home by Alex Venezia. link