Damian Lechoszest, Professional Oil Portraits Painter.

1976 born artist from Poland. Damian's speciality is picture perfect portraits, which captures every tiny detail. His paintings are best experienced in real.

1 December 2021
Read time: 1 minute

1976 born artist from Poland. His speciality is in picture perfect portraits. With his art he tries to capture every tiny detail, down to crease of a smile, to see through clothes.

From what I see, He loves painting his models while they dress bright cloths. His favourites seems to be polka dots dresses and see through material. And he nails it every time.

Other few bits he love to paint in dark environment. His protagonist holding source of light near their face. Illuminating the face in a room of detail-filled dark environment. As if to see, even in darkness, light can come from anywhere.

I don't want to share too many photos of Damian's paintings. But I'll share one of my favourite works of his. For complete portfolio, please visit Damian's website or Instagram.

Longing by Damian Lechoszest. link