5 October 2020

Productivity Threshold

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I have been fighting with myself to be productive. Writing these daily blogs was one way of doing it with Anchor events. Another way was by maintaining a calendar. Everyone on my Twitter feed uses a calendar.

When Tanmay Bhat cameo-Ed on Suhani Shah’s 9-hour stream he said if it is not in the calendar, it does not exist.

I resonated with that. I have heard a lot more people say that and that is why I started marking my daily events in the calendar.

How My Day Would Go

In the morning, I would check the tasks I have to get done during the day and enter them all with 30 or 60 minutes blocks. Some days it was a straight forward, as I would get a list of tasks from my supervisor. Other days I would make a list of all tasks by checking my monthly goals.

But, as the day progressed, I would realise I have not allowed proper time to events. Miss-management on my part. I would spend the day moving blocks further away because I was busy working on the previous task.

Sometimes I was straight up distracted. Need a reminder every 15 minutes with all tasks at hand. That is when this app came to rescue. TodoMeter by Cassidoo

The Issue

Calendar sends notifications at the beginning of the event. But not when an event is about to end. I miss this feature. It could be a big deal in terms of productivity for me.

I could use a Pomodoro timer for this, but I would much rather have this built into my calendar than installing a new app. (p.s. I do have a few Pomodoro timer installed)

Currently, I am using TodoMeter by Casidoo. I Can set events of the day in both Calender and the app. While calendar notifies me which event is coming up, TodoMeter reminds me to go back to work every 15 minutes. And By the time I get the reminder from TodoMeter, I would have been distracted. So it works as intended!

Why Do I Need This

I have realised that I have a mental threshold I am not supposed to cross. If I cross the threshold, my brain tells me, “we have now entered the next event, while still working on the last event. Better cancel this even and finish the last one”.


For example, I take a lunch break from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm. if I am not on my table at 2:30 pm I am going to waste the rest of the day. I have it on my calendar as well “1:00-2:30 is lunchtime”. The issue is, I get notifications at the beginning of lunch. But not when it ends.

This lack of notifications is the reason why I do not get notified when it is time to go back to the table.

I wish I could solve this issue. There is a gap for a new app here or, I could integrate TodoMeter by Casidoo with a calendar. Auto-sync all events to the app and notify the user to get back to work every 15 minutes.

Since I do not code in Javascript or know anything about Node.JS, for me, it could be a bit difficult.