28 September 2020

Quality or Quantity

Read time: About 2 minutes and 30 seconds, or an average Lil Nas X song

At some point, everyone gets into the debate about which is better - Quality versus Quantity. There will always be a divide between these two factions.

The Quality Faction

These people believe in giving their best in everything. When the quality of your work is high, people can tell. It's doesn't matter how many time you work. What matters is how much dedication you bring to the table.

The Quantity Faction

Pump those numbers. Work enough times and one of those will surface as a masterpiece. Picasso did it. When you give out a lot, you learn what you are good at. Analysis works best only when you have a huge dataset to examine.

My Angle

I don't think it's right to pick sides abruptly. it is cool to do it during our school debates. But this is real life. The decision you make here affects your bottom line. Think it through.

The tendency of human nature is funny. If you pick anyone, you'll realise the grass is greener on the other side. There's a reason behind it. It's called Growth.

We Grow Subconsciously

Our growth is not in our hands. If you are confused by this statement, let me explain. You don't have control over your growth. Instead, you control your action. The dedication and intensity at which you work on your actions determine your growth rate.

❎ Us -> Growth
✅ Us -> Actions -> Growth

When you pick sides and decide your actions, you grow. Choose quality or quantity. Doesn't matter. If you have a plan and work on it diligently, you will grow.

So are both correct? No. It's never a binary answer. It's complex.


We all want to have productive hobbies. But starting is though because you are not used to this new routine.
You start by developing a habit. Do it as much as possible. As time passes, a pattern emerges.
You start with a high-quantity approach.


You now have a routine. How do we go to the next level? You start focusing on being micro in every step.
Everything that comes out of your shop/laptop/pen is careful. Everything is thoughtful. A brand emerges.
You move to a high-quality approach.

First, make it a habit to complete the projects. Move on and complete projects with perfection.

Rohan Joshi

An example of Starting and Scaling.

So after AIB went down the gutter, Rohan Joshi went to a comedy club every week (or day, I can't recall, but I think it was every day) and tried new jokes. He'd created a habit of writing something funny every day. Doesn't matter what day it was. He made a promise to himself, to something every day.

In the evening he'd book a slot in a comedy club, and try out his new jokes. After every the show, he noted how the audience was reacting. Picking out the best joke of the bunch.

Did this for the better half of a year. Eventually, it led him to shortlist enough jokes to pitch on a comedy special. You can watch his special "Wake and bake" on Amazon Prime. The whole 57 minutes are hilarious.

Source of this story is Tanmay Bhat's Instagram stories.


We love fighting over things while we could be working on something better. But we choose to fight silly wars.

Do not cast yourself into a single faction. Analyse where you are and plan your next steps. If you are a beginner, start by working a lot. Experiment with every single tip in the playbook. Don't be afraid to paint out of the lines. Make sure to learn something every day.

If you have been doing this for a while, try to improve it by 1%. The numbers don't matter. What matters to you is the high standard.

Conclusion part 2

Do you think there is a phase after this, where you focus on high-quality && high-quantity?

Maybe I should think over this theory.