9 October 2020

Social Media Plan for Indian Jewellers

Read time: About 2 minutes 30 seconds, or as long as I can run without breathing heavily

A Note This is like an open letter to my friend. Feel free to read and implement it for your own business

Hey Tabu!

I saw that you have started a social media account for your Jewellery shop. I thought of messaging you offering my help. But I know you won't reply as early as I want you to.

Business who thrive on offline sales thinks it won't get an as big result as other forms of marketing. But trust me it'll work out. But. There's a but here. It'll take time. Keep a year in mind. I know how businesses react to social media. But you need to invest more time than money into this to get results

Let Me Brag My Knowledge About Your Business

Here's the thing about gold. Indians are obsessed with it. I can even go ahead and say this is an unhealthy obsession. Women want gold. Women get gold.

For a brand like yours, the first step is to establish a niche. By that mean, select a group of people, and focus on selling and marketing to them!

At this point most businesses say "this feels counter-intuitive". Yes, you are eliminating a huge chunk of potential buyers. But when it comes to setting a brand, the niche is important.

Please go ahead and pick a niche you are suitable with. For the simplicity of explanation, I'll pick "Independent Women of 2021" as my niche. Feel free to change it for your purposes.

About This Niche

The people falling under your niche is a woman who:

  1. is in her late 20s to 30s,
  2. may or may not be married,
  3. has a job,
  4. lives in your city.

Ideally, I should add a few more points to this list. But I think I have narrowed it down plenty much. Now I am going to humanise her, and call her Nari from here on out.

Data from Facebook

Classification Number of people
Total people in your city 490,000
Total people in your city in 20s to 30s 380,000
Total Women in your city in 20s to 30s 64,000
Total Women in your city in 20s to 30s who prefer mid and high-value goods 12,000
Total Women in your city in 20s to 30s who prefer high-value goods 7,200

What Does Nari Want

Now you know who Nari is, you can ask the next question. How can we get Nari into your store, and serve her the best Jewellery she has ever seen.

We have to invest time to know Nari better. Talk to her. We need the following questions answered:

  1. what are her struggles?
  2. how does she want to be perceived?
  3. is she wealth driven or status-driven?

Again, I should add a few more questions to this list. The goal here is to get to know her better.

The next step is to care about here.

Care about Nari

On Youtube, you'll find 100s of apology videos from people who didn't care about their audience.

Don't pick a niche, if you don't care about them. Stand behind them when things are though for them. Social media is less* about sales and more about caring.

This should reflect in your content.

If you care about them, they will care enough to buy from you.

* I said less. In the end, you are running a business. Business needs profits. But that doesn't we cross a line.

Content Strategy

Let's talk about social media. [finally]

Currently, your feed is full of product photos and a few models. That's ok. It can be better.

For your niche audience, jewellery is not an impulse buy. They plan and wait for an opportunity to buy jewellery.

Some occasions include

  • festivals,
  • birthday,
  • promotions,
  • bonus check,
  • inheriting old jewellery,

You will find more than these. You are in business.

People don't decide to buy jewellery by looking at jewellery. They wait for occasions to buy jewellery.

This might sound silly, but you get more reach when you post less about your jewellery. Focus more on the importance of these events and occasions for Nari.

Because Nari has friends and she shares content which felt relatable to them.

There's more that needs to be discussed here. Will write more tomorrow!