10 October 2020

Started Coding! What Should I do Next?

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Can you guide me with your programming knowledge?

What should I do after learning ___?

I get a similar question every week. There are lots of people out there who have started learning to program and have no what to do next. Confusion is the most common reason for this. In this article, I will answer these three question.

  • How many languages to study?
  • Should I get a paid Course, or follow a free Course?
  • Where can I get help?

How many languages to study?


Why are you asking this question? I know this for a fact, but tell me if it is otherwise. You were happy when you started learning a language. But then a friend, a relative, a classmate, or a random person walking down the street said:

"you are learning this? hahaha no one needs this language anymore, you should study this other language which I am learning. It's much better!".

First of all, if you are the person who says this, you are being self-centred, rude and are the villain in other people's lives!

Now, coming back to you. Ignore these people and their comments. You are starting right now. You don't need the pressure of thinking about stuff like "what's trending", "future of every language" or even "job availability".

Instead, You should spend your time learning the syntax, and logic behind a code.

The Reality

No one builds their career based on one language that's why every professional has to learn new languages every 5-6 years. Our industry progresses in this order.

Brilliant developers and Engineers introduce new tools and systems every year. Few make it mainstream while most don't. Most of the developers who get shit done, learn a new language only when it becomes either,

  • mainstream, or
  • necessary to their job.

Otherwise, for 90% of developers, it's news which they read in their favourite blogs.

My Answer

Stick to one language when you are still learning. Master it. Look for Jobs or build something.

Should I get a paid Course, or follow a free Course?

This is my favourite question. When people ask this, what they are really asking is something different altogether. There's an underlying question beneath this question. We Indians love to worried about it but are scared to ask.


I was talking to Abhishek Kulkarni, who runs an online learning program. He had to start giving out certificates because of the high demand. I don't understand why we are so obsessed with it. I think it's because we are more status-driven than wealth-driven. It shouldn't be like this.

Listen. Certificates don't mean much if you don't make anything meaningful out of it. No certificate can outweigh a practical side project.

The Reality

You think by showing certificates you can prove to employers that you have a skill. Hiring committees are smarter now, they know anyone can get a certificate, but few can build unique side projects.

My Answer

Coming back to your question. Paid course or a free course?

Your choice. You know your finances better. Don't listen to people, don't listen to me WITHOUT doing your research.

Where can I get help?

This is dedicated to all the people who DM developers on social media asking for help. Stop it.

Now I can give you the generic answer of "google it" and "search on StackOverflow", but I am sure you have heard it before.

In case you haven't done that. You'll find that the obstacle you are at, 1000s of developers have been through that path.

My suggestion

Join a community. I don't have any recommendation yet. If I do, I'll strikeout this line and add a list below!

Let's Conclude

How many languages to study?

Start with one. Then either get a job or build something.

Should I get a paid Course, or follow a free Course?

It Doesn't matter. Focus on creating unique working projects.

Where can I get help?

Google. StackOverflow. Communities.

Have more questions?

Please learn to ask for help [5 minutes read], and DM me or any developer you like.