Text2HTML - Convert Plain Text Into HTML With Google Sheet

7 November 2020
Read time: About 1 minute, or an average Caroline Konstnar song

Google Sheets to convert plain text into HTML code.

To use tool do the following.

  1. Scroll and click on the big red button: Get Text2HTML.
  2. Create a copy.

Now that you have a copy of your own. This is how I use it

  1. Write and format your article on Hemmingwayapp.com.
  2. Reduce Grammatical and spelling error. I use either Grammerly website or their Chrome extension.
  3. Paste the article in Column A. Each line of article should be added into new row on spreadsheet.
  4. Enter the relavent tag (a, p, h1, h2, etc...) in column B.
  5. Copy the generated html code from column C.
Get Text2HTML
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