1 October 2020

The Rare Responsible Person

Read time: About 4 minutes 30 seconds, or an average Lady Gaga song

Today marks one year since I joined Intandemly. On realising this, I compared myself from a year ago. I have changed so much. Learned a lot, but still, have this feeling that I haven't given back to Intandemly as much as I could've.

I mean, I wish I earned more, but that a story for another day.

Looking back, I am sure I was active and working most of the time. But the quality of my work could have been a little better. Living in the present, I fail to see the 'extra mile'. But looking back, those miles become very obvious.

I want to talk about a slide I came across thanks to Ankitkr0. This slide has about 19 million views since published in 2009. Authored by Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, this slide is titled... Culture.

Please turn to page 41, where Hastings talks about the Rare Responsible Person. It's a listicle of 7 qualities:

  1. Self-motivated,
  2. Self-aware,
  3. Self-disciplined,
  4. Self-improving,
  5. Acts like a leader,
  6. Doesn't wait to be told what to do, and
  7. Picks up trash lying on the floor

That's quite a list. There are about 120 pages in this slide, but this page was pulling me into it.

Culture de Reed Hastings

Something I need to work on.

The List

Somewhere in my mind, I was familiar with each quality mentioned in this list. I did a tally and of all seven qualities and I scored myself:

  • Three - "yes, I am that person".
  • Four - "trying to be that person".

There a lot more I can do to improve my work. And I know it starts by understanding what going on in my mind.

That's the goal of these daily writing exercises.

I have been writing for the past three weeks, and I find my mind much clearer. It's like I can plan better. My calendar is now filled with completed tasks.

Here's How I Plan To Improve On All Seven


Not waiting for people to invoke the motivation to work on something. Motivation is a stupid concept if you ask me. People say if you have the motivation to do something, nothing can stop you. I don't think so.

Motivations only equip you to start something. What you do after you start something is up to you. Motivation never forces you to cross the finish line. It will sure as hell make you signup for the race. Maybe even take you to the race track. But a day after starting, you will find yourself standing in the middle of a race track.

Ask yourself. Why do people have so many unfinished projects? If you are a developer tell me why do you have so many abandoned projects? If you are a writer tell me why do you have more drafts than published articles?

Motivation helps you start. So being self-motivated helps to put your ideas out there. And I think I pretty much have bagged this category.


Knowing who you are, what you can and can't do. I would say I know myself better now since I have started writing daily. But I am sure I have a lot more to learn.

Writing daily has helped me improve in this category. Earlier I would try to fit a lot of things in my day. But now I am much aware of how much I can handle. Sometimes I even consider the amount of time will spend wasting.

So yes, I am self-aware, but I can do better.


This is what keeps you going. As self-motivation makes you start new projects and by outspoken. Self-disciplined helps you show up daily. Being self-disciplined is knowing how to prioritise your time.

Trying to be better.

Let me give you an example. Earlier, I used to watch Netflix or youtube essays during lunch. After analysing my times spend, I realised I end up wasting 2-3 hours of my time. The issue was, when I watch something during lunch, I lost my focus. Stretching my lunch break, and pushing my work hours, I found myself working late till 8-9 pm.

Now I get done with my lunch within about 30-50 minutes. The urge to watch just one episode of Archer is an uphill battle. But fighting this has earned me time with my family.


Having the inner ability to learn and improve. Trying to be straight forward with this one. I don't think I quality here. Looking back I can see my self being a little improved over time. But I fail to see the reason for it being some decision I made.

Sometimes it's just life improving on a default setting. Everything compounds. In my mind, it's like earning interest over the year. Take bank accounts VS equity in the company. It's easy to do nothing, and earn minimal interest rate with your saving account. Or the other way would be to put in some efforts and finding a higher return Equity to invest in.

I need to put in more efforts to improve myself.

Acts Like A Leader

Coming up with ideas and taking initiative. I think I can be a good leader, but I can't say the same for today. Somewhere in the future. My issue is following through. I remember that phone call I had with my superior. He told me I have great ideas, but most of the time I fail to see them through.

Being more mindful and having a perspective of the bigger picture can help establish me as a leader. I am fairly certain about this.

Doesn't Wait To Be Told What To Do

Kinda 50-50. Somedays I love working with a team and getting some tasks done. Other days I wish someone would just give me a list of tasks, and leave me alone. I still have to find myself here. Who am I? Am I a leader or a follower?

Picks Up Trash Lying On The Floor

Not a huge fan of cleaning. But when Hastings said this, I am assuming he meant literally and figuratively. Literally to pick up trash would indicate that you don't see people down for what they work. Figuratively would be to find spots to improve and work on it, with being asked.


I am not there yet. But I am glad I started working on myself. Finding this slide was an amazing coincidence and an eye-opener. I think taking a step back and looking at what you have done in the past is necessary.

It helps you get perspective and show you how much you have grown.

Here's to the amazing productive days ahead.