WandaVision - Building The world After Thanos

How do you react when you come back home after missing for 4 years? In Avenger's Endgame, Bruce Banner brought half of the population back. How will they cope with the new world?

31 January 2021
Read time: About 2 minutes 8 seconds, or the surplus time each Wandavison episode spends on end credits.

On 29th January 2021, Marvel released Wandavison's episode 4 on Disney Plus. These are my thoughts on the show and the world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The first three episodes could have been two episodes. I felt they were dragging it a bit. By the third episode, I was thinking "come on... get to the point".

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But the 4th episode was awesome. They stitched so much from previous episodes and to the events of the Endgame.

I love the hospital scene where this lady is looking for her mother. These few scenes are heavy with emotion and confusing for the people in it.

From Infinity war, we know Thano's snap wiped half of living creatures. And in Endgame, Hulk's snap brought them back.

But what happened between these two events? People must have gone crazy.

Dynamics changes when a character time travels into the future.

That's interesting to explore and engaging to watch.

Characters experiencing time loss

These type of movies have heavy emotional baggage and psychological burden on the protagonists. For most of us, the worse fear is losing time with loved ones. and when these things happen, reality can't be changed. Everything is different but you are the same.

Avenger's Endgame

We know how a few characters evolved in Endgame.

  1. Clint Barton lost his family and went on a killing rampage.
  2. Natasha started looking for a place to belong and realised the Avenger is here family.
  3. Bruce Banner tried solving his rage issues and turned into, whatever he is now.
  4. Tony Stark broken, accepted his defeat by Thanos.

A few other shows have worked with this subject.

Time loss in Archer

Archer's last few seasons have been the protagonist playing out scenarios in his head. The latest season shows him getting out of coma after three years. Every character has changed so drastically, it's almost like they are new characters.

And they spend the entire season exploring the changes. Archer was the same, everyone around him moved on.

Time loss in Interstellar

In Interstellar, 23 years have passed during Cooper's and Brand's come back from Miller's Waterworld planet. Both Cooper and Brand are in shock.

They both catch up with two decades of a voice mail from their family. It's here we witness what has happened when they were gone.

  1. Murphy Cooper became a scientist, working with Doctor Brand.
  2. Tom Cooper has lost faith in his father's return and start caring about the farm more than his family.
  3. Doctor Brand coached Murphy and is now old and in bed.

This is the Opposite of classic Adventure troop

In a hero adventure genre, hero goes on an adventure, over come a lot of huddles and when he/she returns, he/she are completely changed, with a new outlook on life. All the while the people they left at home, have remained the same. Some examples of this are:

  1. The four Hobbits from the Lord of the Ring series,
  2. Hugo from tv series Lost,
  3. Chuck Noland from Cast Away,
  4. Gil from Midnight in Paris,
  5. The kid Dinosaur from The Good Dinosaur,

and many more.

Coming back to the MCU

I am very interested to know what happened in the 4 years between the Thanos and Bruce Banner.

  1. Did they have Miss Universe events in those 4 years?
  2. What about the USA election? Midterms?
  3. Superbowl, Cricket world cup, or Football world cup?
  4. How was the economy effected with the same amount of money, but half the people? did everything instantly become expensive?

So that's my thought