Why Consistency is Important and Difficult.

Growing on social media requires consistency above all. But here's the thing about consistency: it is boring, but it always wins. How do you keep a balance between both?

27 November 2021
Read time: About 2 minutes. That's not a long time to read anything, Right? Right!

I've been making content for more than 5 years now. In all this time I've realised one thing. People who show up daily, win. Sometimes It doesn't even matter if you improve.

Consistency always wins.

What happens when you are consistent but don't innovate or improve?

You get popular but lose interest in your work. I've grown an Instagram account to 10K. Even though the account is dormant now, I brag about it whenever I introduce myself. towards the end of my "AliCoderMaker days" I didn't improve, and I repeated the same thing everyday. I was treating content creation as if it was a chore.

Consistency is boring.

It's 5 in the evening, I have an hour to post something on Instagram. Let me take a photo with my laptop, write a caption and post it This is what I used to think in those days. Creating content became boring. But I still did it. Because I saw the results. Being consistent for 5-6 months, the compounding factor started kicking in.

Khatra khatra se banta hai samundar aka "Drops and drops form a sea". If I was to stop now I'd be starting at zero. Mentally, I couldn't take that challenge.

I was posting daily, yes. But I wasn't improving. Neither did my photography skill upgraded, nor did my copy writing skill. This added another layer of boredom to my process. Boredom2

What happens when you don't improve? Disaster.

As the follower growth rate increased, so did the churn rate.

New people followed me, AND old followers stopped engaging with me. Even though followers base was increasing, the average likes per post was decreasing. All this happened thanks to the way Instagram Algorithm works.

How would I grow my future Accounts?

I'm not sure if I can put it in words. I know in 2021-2022 Reels is what people on Instagram wants. So algorithm will recommend that to everyone. So that answers what I'd create. Now to answer how I'd create.

Everything I do will focus on two things:

  1. Stay consistent, and
  2. Don't bore yourself

I'd be a little worried about posting daily, but more worried about maintains a over all goal.

I'd set goal on creating 15-20 pieces of content every month and 150-200 every year. Try to complete this promise. From personal experience, posting daily is posting too often. Focus on quality over quantity.

And a little thing to add. I'd want to be less fake this time, and more authentic.