2 October 2020

Writing in Art

Read time: About 3 minutes, or an average Avril Lavigne song

Through years of watching videos and listening to songs, I have developed a taste. Although I was trying to procrastinate and not work, I may have ended up with something useful.

Much Richer Brain.

That sounds cheesy. By that, I mean, I have cultivated my brain to look for good writing everywhere.

Finding and reading well-written pieces is one of my productive procrastination hobbies now.

NOTE: I was binging youtube and I came accross this NerdWriter1 Video. It's exactly what I have been thinking. Check it out, to ward the end of this page

One could argue that iPhone took off because it has a better writing experience than their predecessors. When you think about it, you start seeing writing popping up everywhere. I have realised that writing is at the core of many art forms as well.

  • Ads,
  • songs,
  • movies,
  • articles,
  • sketches,
  • tv shows,
  • speeches,
  • video essays,
  • presentations,
  • and more, I'm sure.

I love consuming all these. I especially love it when artists spend more time to sharpen their writing. Each word can give value when used correctly.

Everyone is telling a story. We pick our favourite medium to communicate, go to town with it.

Ironically, I am struggling to put by words together to tell this story. It shows to me how difficult writing can be. You can be lazy and end up with a mediocre piece of work. Or you could spend time revising every word, making it spectacular.

No amount of fancy glitter could make your story better if your writing is mediocre.

Let me give you some examples.

Gravity Falls

The animated TV show by Alex Hersh. The show is about a pair of twin siblings who spend their summer vacation with their great uncle in a Mysteries town called Gravity Falls.

There are 40 episodes split evenly into two seasons. The story is good. Fans till date asks for a 3rd season. But for the show creator Alex Hersh, the story ends in 40th episode.

There will never be a 3rd season of gravity falls. I am sad as a fan, but content as a writing enthusiast. I love that integrity.


An ensemble of 6 people from different walks of life, attending a community college. How is it that a show about community college made entertaining episodes on topics such as parallel timelines, paintball, pillow fort and blanket fort?

The show was like a breading hub for talent. People who once worked in this show went on to work on projects like:

  • Marvel Cinematic Universe
  • Rick and Morty
  • Modern Family
  • Childish Gambino

I remember reading this. The end of the episode is a clip of something humorous. The writers would spend a lot of time coming up with funny scenarios and stuff. But on the shoot day, Donald would come up with some skit on the spot, and that would be way better than what the writers have worked.

Towards the end of season three, the writer would just let Donald do whatever he wanted. Donald Glover is the best. Special shout out for him.

Game of Thrones

God, everyone hates talking about this now. If you have 40 minutes to spare and love(d) Games of Thrones, you should watch this piece by Lindsay Ellis, titled We Need to Talk About Game of Thrones I Guess.

Again, Lindsay's videos are well written and fun to watch. Loved the 2 (3) part video she made for The Hobbit Movies!

Back to Game of Thrones. If you are me, there are two reason last seasons were this bad. One, they ran out of the source materials. Books. Two, They started constructing their version of the story, which deviated as the seasons progressed.

All this lead to one thing. Fans didn't get the closure they needed.

I mean I know Danny would die. But I also wanted to know why her descent into madness wasn't progressive. Why was it so sudden? Take some time to set it up. How did she go from "The Queen who delayed her rightful claim to the Iron Throne so she could save the city of Mereen from Slavery's bay," to "The Mad Queen who burnt civilians because Cerci was hiding somewhere inside."?

I can go on. But that's not the point. The point is, GoT went down the drain because the quality of writing went down.

The Epidemic of Passable Movies, by NerdWriter1


Writing is important. I wish I'd realised this sooner. I wish I could learn the art of ending something prope...