25 September 2020

I Love Watching Youtube Essay Videos

It feels amazing spending hours watch their videos. The time I spend watching their videos is on par with what I spend watching high production movies and TV shows.

In the article I talk about:

  • finding more such videos,
  • watching their source material before watching the videos,
  • watching the videos after watching their source material,
  • creating a community around this,
  • making things viral on youtube.

To make this easier to grab, what I mean by Video and Source Material?

These are the few channels I like to watch. These are the video

  • Lindsay Ellie
  • NerdWriter1
  • Nerdstalgic
  • Kurzgesagt
  • Alex Meyers
  • Comic Book Girl 19
  • Comicstorian
  • Curious Elephant

These are the topics I like to watch. These are the source material

  • Movie
  • TV Shows
  • Paintings
  • Comic Book

(editing note: I just went down on a youtube rabbit hole watching what happened to FoseyTube)

I wish there was a list of such channels. And a list of source material they talk about. I (and 100,000s of other people) love watching these video so much, I'd watch the source material only to see their take on it.

Here's are a few cases I Like,


He talks about a lot of things. Parasite movie was one of it. I don't know about the existence of this movie. But I watched it only to watch this video by nerdwriter.

So as a fan of quality content, I'd pay to watch the source material to enjoy these type of videos.

Is there a service which connects these two worlds?

People who watched the movie Parasite should watch Nerdwriter1's video. My personal opinion.

And people Who follow NerdWriter1 should watch movies by Ozu to learn why did Ozu cut to a vase.

I'd also like to know which other videos essay exist on the same source material. Not necessarily the Vase by Ozu, but also the other works by Ozu.

The world can be connected this way. There are so many gems out there, it's a shame we get to watch it only after the algorithm make them trending.


Speaking of the algorithm, I understand the Algithrim is no the deciding factor. It begins with a Spike is discovery. When Enough people discover a piece of content. The algorithm picks it up starts recommending to new audiences.

So I am trying to say, that the virality is not generated by the algorithm. It's created by people and picked up by the algorithm. I know that.

if these 500 people are (suddenly) searching for this video, (maybe) these 500,000 people might like it as well!
- Algorithm, 2020, probably.

Can this "Spike in discovery" be generated for any video? Can I create a community of like-minded people who enjoy watching such essays?