26 September 2020 | edit: 25 October 2020

Acoustic Taylor Swift >> Electronic Taylor Swift

Guitar Taylor Swift is the best Taylor Swift. Here's my justification.

Before you read on, know this. I am not a song analyst or some music expert. I like Songs. Sometimes I tend to think way too much over a song and listen on a loop.

So in this article I am going to brain dump all my thoughts on Songs by Taylor Swift. I like her songs Acoustics more than Electronic. One of the best parts of Taylor Swift songs is that guitar. Leave the woman with a guitar, and you'll have yourself a concert.

Case in point

Cornelia Street

When Lover was released, I heard the first 20 seconds of this song and outright skipped this track. Sometimes, some songs are not for you. Even if they are from your favourite Singer.

Never came back to this song. Spend my time listening to other numbers. But then I came back to listen to the Acoustic verson, and it was clearly the best song ever. I guess it's the lyrics.

Let's listen to some songs. Shall we?

Cornelia Street Original Song by Taylor Swift

The background music overshadows and diminishes the vocals. Almost hindering Taylor's flare*. The tone it sets in the first 15 seconds is not in the harmony of the lyrics. Something is off.

I have observed that when the song is lore, music sets a universal tone for the song.

For a folkish song, it's the voice, and maybe 2-3 instruments*. Beats are a distraction.

Cornelia Street, Acoustic, Live from Paris concert

Like most of her songs in the new album Folklore, the acoustics Cornelia Street is a story. Rather than the background music, her voice grabs the listener's attention.

From start to finish, the song is like a journey*, and the guitar is the wind which carries her.

And between both the versions, I'd listen to the acoustics version over and over again.

Other Acoustic Songs by Taylor Swift

Besides Cornelia Street, there are more songs which are better acoustic than electronic.

Leaving off, here's a Youtube playlist of all Acoustics version of Taylor Swift songs.

(sometimes you wish Youtube had the option for 256 kbps songs)

P.S. Taylor Swift and Wealth

*yea yea, I know I have no idea about music. But when I listen to a song, I tend to notice all these tiny things.

Edit: Browsing through youtube comments on The Last Great American Dynesty, I saw this comment and instantly loved it.

# year Album Description
1 2006 Taylor Swift The Country Girl
2 2008 Fearless The Princess
3 2010 Speak Now The Teenage Girl
4 2012 Red A Woman In Love
5 2014 1989 The Party Girl
6 2017 Reputation Bad Girl
7 2019 Lover The Lover
8 2020 Folklore A Wise Woman
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